Derivative Calculator

If you are dealing with mathematical derivative numerical and you are suffering problems in calculating long derivatives than here is the solution in terms of Derivative calculator to you. Derivative is considered as one of the important topics for the mathematics and this concept of derivates helps to solve theorems in physics as well. So, if you want to have great knowledge about CALCULAS in the mathematics and want to gain high marks you should definitely clear your doubts regarding derivative.

Before moving to the main topic derivative calculator I think you must have knowledge about the term derivative. Derivative in simple words means that, the value which depends upon other value or source. The derivative is written as:

The derivative can be used to solve trigonometry or time, force, work etc. kind of numerical. Well, these numerical can consist of difficult calculation and to solve this calculation you probably need calculator. Like for simple mathematics problems you have calculator similarly for derivative numerical there we have DERIVATIVE CALCULATOR which helps you to solve derivative numerical. You just need to write down the values and you will get the answer within a few seconds in front of you. This derivative calculator gives you answer along with step by step description of the problem so that you will understand how to calculate the numerical and will be able to solve by yourself as well. As you need to be aware of the steps to solve the derivative problems only then you will get clarity of doubts for the particular numerical.

This derivative calculator is available online you just need to have a good internet connection to use the derivative calculator. There are different websites which provides the derivative calculator and helps to solve the problems related to derivative.


  1. Derivative calculator

To solve calculus derivative problems online here we have DERIVATIVE CALCULATOR for you. In this website you will get online solutions for the derivative problems. When we limit some value and arises a little bit (a small change in the value) then the value that comes out is derivative of that value. If the function is f(x) than the derivative of the function can be written as f’(x).


Mathematically, it can be written as:


If the function is represented as:

Then the derivative is represented as:


= f’(x)

You can solve the equations in very simple manner by just entering the equation in the derivative calculator and then you will find out results with the step by step description of the solution. You do not need to register or sign up in the site or this site does not charge any subscription package of learning. This derivative calculator gives you correct solution to you in few seconds.


Partial Online Derivative Calculator

In case of partial derivative the equation consists of more than one value i.e. the function is and the derivative of the equation can be find out in terms of x or y that why it is termed as partial derivative. The derivative of can be written as  f(x,y) or as  f(x,y).

Well, to solve this kind of equations it can be a little bit complicated task as compare to find out derivative of single function. The equations consist of difficult calculation for which you may need to take help of calculator. Well, for the calculation of partial derivatives you need partial derivative calculator. This calculator is online available you need to enter the equation in the search box and then the result will be displayed in front of you. There are some examples also available which can help you or guide you in how to find out the partial derivative of the equation.


  1. Implicit derivative calculator

It is a special case of derivatives which is known as implicit derivative AND also famous as CHAIN RULE of derivatives.

Definition of implicit function of derivative: An equation of the form = 0, in which it is not possible to express y directly in terms of x is termed as an implicit function f x and y.

There are certain rule to find implicit function) i.e. differentiate both the sides of the relation with respect to the x, regarding y as function of x and then find the value of

When you use implicit derivative calculator you will get to know about the rule more clearly. And there you get proper solution and description of the solution as well. This implicit derivative calculator is very helpful if you are seeking some guidance in solving implicit derivative. Implicit derivative is one of the important topics of derivatives in calculus about which you need to prepare properly so that you will be able to solve questions related to this as implicit derivative definitely comes in the exams. The implicit derivative calculator also consists of some examples with detail description so that you will be able to understand and try to solve questions with the help of this online calculator.


  1. Directional derivative calculator

Directional derivative is defined as the rate at which the function f(x, y, z) which changes at the origin point that is f(x0, y0, z0) in the u direction. Directional derivative is the vector form of derivative i.e. u f(x0, y0, z0).  To calculate directional derivative following formula is used:


To find out solution of directional derivative you can take help of directional derivative calculator. With the help of this calculator you will find out the solution of directional derivative problems with detailed step by step description of solution. There is online calculator available which can help you in solving directional derivative problems in few seconds you just have to write down your equation in this website.


Derivative calculator with steps

The derivative calculator describes the solution of every problem with steps. You just only have to write down the equation or function for which you need help of online derivative calculator and then the result will be displayed in front of you and this result will not only contain the answer but steps that specifies you how the result is obtained and this result will help you to solve related problems by yourself. And you will get more understanding on how to solve the problem. There are many different websites which include a derivative calculator and these sites explain the step by step description of each and every problem for which you want to take help of online derivative calculator.


Symbolab Derivative Calculator

Symbolab derivative calculator is a website in which you can find out the solution of derivative problems. You just need to write down the URL in the search panel and then enter your equation or sum whose solution you want to find out. In this website you will find out examples of derivatives and advanced solutions of the problems as well. This website is very helpful for those who want fluency in solving derivative problems and easy solution of your derivative problems. For any type of derivative problem and guidance, this website is beneficial for you. Like first derivative, second derivative, partial derivative, log derivative, vector derivative, directional derivative, implicit derivative, derivative applications etc. all the types of derivative solutions can be solved in this Symbolab derivative calculator.


  1. Anti derivative calculator

Anti derivative is also known as an indefinite integral or primitive integral whose differentiation is equal to the original function. When you perform inverse operation or backward process to the function it is defined as anti derivative function. There are some general anti derivatives also which you need to remember and helpful in solving the difficult problems of derivatives. The anti derivative calculator is used to get the solution of anti derivative problem. Anti-derivatives work as integrals and give you the solution. With the help of anti derivative calculator you will have more knowledge about how to solve the anti derivatives and the solution of the problem will have proper steps for how to solve the problem and you can find out the solution of the similar problems. The online anti-derivative calculator also includes definition, steps, and easy techniques to solve the problems of different kinds of anti-derivative problems.


  1. Wolfram alpha derivative calculator

To get to know about the derivatives or to enhance your skills in derivatives there is Wolfram alpha derivative calculator. The URL of this website is by writing down this link in URL search panel of your browser you will enter this website. Here, in this website you will find out all the content you are seeking to know about derivatives. This website provides you all the information about derivatives, steps to solve the derivative problems, graphs description, guide for the users so that they come to know how the Wolfram alpha derivative calculator works. So that users can easy access this site and get the required information. This site also includes easy steps or tips so that you can easily search for your queries and find out solution of the derivatives very easily.


  1. Second partial derivative calculator

Second partial derivative is defined as the derivatives in which you have to take derivatives with more than one variable. The second order partial derivative is also known as mixed partial derivative. These derivatives are represented as ρ2f/ρxρy. There are many theorems which are based on second order partial derivatives like Clairaut’s theorem. You will get to know about this theorem and understand it if you have understanding about how to solve second partial derivative. For this you can take help of second partial derivative calculator. In this online calculator you can get the idea about different theorems and numerical those are important to understand and give clarity about how to use this second partial derivative calculator.


  1. First derivative calculator

First derivative explains about the slope of the Tangent. When you solve first derivative you get to know about the tangent and slope formed by this and about the nature of the function that is whether it is increasing or decreasing. To solve the problems related to first derivative you can use first derivative online calculator. With the help of this calculator you can solve first derivative numerical and get to know that what are the steps you need to follow to solve these numerical or problems of first derivative.


  1. Multivariable derivative calculator

Multi variable derivative calculator helps to find out solution of multivariable derivative numerical and problems you are facing while solving these numerical. The second order and higher order derivatives are termed as multivariable derivatives. You might face some problems while solving these types of sums as the calculations gets little bit complicated when the order increases in the derivative numerical. To solve these problems here you can take help of the online multivariable derivative calculator. This calculator will guide you about how to this online calculator, steps to solve and problem, easy solution or alternative solution of the problem so that you have better understanding about multivariable derivatives.


  1. Find the derivative calculator

There are different online derivative calculators like Wolfram alpha derivative calculator or Symbolab derivative calculator. You can use these online derivative calculators to find out solutions for your derivative problems. These online derivative calculators are very helpful for those who want to enhance their skills in derivatives. These websites provides proper guidance and advance technical skills so that you can improve your skills. URL link of these websites are:


For Symbolab derivative calculator uses this URL link:


For Wolfram alpha derivative calculator uses this URL link:


You can use any of these two URL links. Both the sites are helpful for derivative knowledge. These online derivative solver websites gives easy tips so that derivative problems can be solved easily and these websites provides proper guidance so that it will be easy for you to solve the derivative numerical.


  1. Derivative of integral calculator

The derivative of the integral is comes out to the original value or function. When you are solving the derivative of the integral, keep in mind that your answer will be the original function. If your solution is not the original value, than you are doing any mistake in your calculation. To find out error in your solution or to check the right answer you can use online derivative of integral calculator. Online derivative to integral calculator gives you step by step detail description of the solution with the help of which you can find out your mistake and got to know about how to solve the derivative to integral problems. In this online calculator you can also find out the related examples which can enhance your skills about derivatives.


  1. Double derivative calculator

Double derivative is the other alternative name of second order derivative. To find out solution of double derivative it can be difficult as the calculations gets complicated and there are chances that there occur some calculative error which can result wrong answer of the problem. So, in this case double derivative or second order derivative online calculator can be helpful. In this website you will get step by step description about the problem and it will become easy for you to solve the problem.


  1. Inverse derivative calculator

When you inverse the function that is f-1(x) then the derivative of this function is termed as inverse derivative. The inverse derivative can be found out easily with the usage of online inverse derivative calculator. There is also a graphical representation of the function so that you can easily understand the how to solve inverse derivative problems. Inverse derivative Dx f-1(x) means you have to find out the derivative d of 1/f(x). The online calculator gives you the idea about how to take inverse of the function and then steps to solve the inverse derivative of the function f(x).


  1. Definition of derivative calculator

Derivative calculator helps you to enhance your skills in derivative. Derivative is one of the important parts of calculus. Calculus mainly deals with the integration and derivative. So, once you have knowledge about new tricks, basics, steps to solve numerical of derivatives than you can make your skills strong in calculus. The derivative of the function tells about the function slope, nature, increment or decrement in the function value. There are different kinds of derivatives like log, vector, directional, higher order, inverse etc. and to solve these different types of derivative numerical or problems there is online derivative calculator available for you. J


Parametric Derivative Calculator

Parametric derivatives are the derivatives which are dependent upon other variables. Like if you have to solve the derivative with respect to y than the variable y will be dependent upon the independent variable x. And to solve this derivative with respect to y you have to take help of independent variable x.  To solve these parametric derivative problems here you can use online parametric derivative calculator. This calculator will provide you the detailed description of problem in steps. And you can understand about the steps and tips of solving parametric derivative problems.


Vector Derivative Calculator

Vector derivative calculator is used to solve the directional derivative problems. The vector derivative includes the numerical that consists of direction of the function. The function will consists of vector sign (->) or (^) which highlights or represents the direction of the function. To solve such kind of problems you can use directional or vector derivative online calculator. Proper steps are listed and easy methods to solve the vector problems as the vector derivatives sometimes becomes complicated as directions are also needs to be keep in mind and there are chances to do any mistake while solving answer. This online vector derivative calculator step by step description helps the user to check the solution and what method should be implemented to find out the solution.


Derivative Graph Calculator

Derivative graph calculator consists of graphical representation of the derivative solutions. You can find out the slope of the tangent and with the help of positive and negative signs on the graph you can find out whether the function is increasing or decreasing. Graphical representation helps to give better understanding about the derivatives. If you are facing any problem in making graphical representation of the derivatives than you can take help of the online derivative graph calculator. This graph calculator will explain you how to draw graphical representation of derivative.


Log Derivative Calculator


To find out the derivative of log, exponentials seems to be little bit difficult as compare to find out derivative of other values. Well, in actual it is not difficult to find the derivative of log. You need to remember some important solutions or values which make it easy to get result of log derivative. Logarithmic methods are implemented in the derivatives. To get to know about the concepts and tips for log derivatives you can use log derivative calculator. This calculator will provide you proper guidance about logarithms and exponentials with the help of which you will be able to solve the log derivatives easily.

This is all about the derivative calculator and the online derivative calculator links are also listed in this article. Hope the URL links and the information that is given in this article about derivative calculator is helpful for you and you will be able to crack derivative problems are simply. The derivative calculators are like complete guidance for the users who are seeking to grasp their skills in calculus. The steps, tips listed in the online derivative calculator websites are very beneficial and new advanced solutions are also provided here so that user can also remain in touch with latest and easy solution of the tricky problems. And these easy solutions are very helpful in cracking entrance exams and solving lengthy or difficult problems. Once you get aware about the rules and steps to solve the derivatives than you will be able to find solution with in less time span and these online calculators can be used to cross check your solutions.